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I won a SHOOTSAC !!!

I love getting mail!!! I mean REAL mail not just bills – how excited was I today when in UPS man rang my door bell and presented me with this… I screamed!  I mean could it be????? It was!!! MY VERY OWN SHOOTSAC sent with love from Jessica Claire herself!  How cute are these bags?! […]



Today and this weekend we are taking a few days off to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving. Hubbard Photography has been non-stop working, jet-setting, album creating, image capturing… so we decided to stop, take a break and spend time with our families as well as eat yummy food and give thanks for what we have to share […]


Shooting with Jessica Claire in New Orleans

About a year ago, I made a pack to myself to educate.  Educate my clients as to what exactly they are paying for when they hire me and my services, as well to educate myself to keep up with technology, meet other photographers from around the world, as there is strength in numbers and teach […]

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WHISKEY | Ottawa Dog Photographer

you are all too sweet asking about how my dog, Whiskey is doing…. he spent the summer in Ottawa at “Camp HUBBARD” while I was busy working doing weddings in Vancouver and I missed him like CRAZZZZZZZZZZZY. here is a photo of my two favorite things in Ottawa.. my dog and the tomatoe plants down […]


Happy Anniversary ROCQUEstars : 13 years ago today!!!

13 years ago today, my best friends married each other! These two are so inspirational, so in love, I am so proud to call them my BEST friends! Happy Anniversary guys!! 09.16.1995 – I was living 5000 miles away from them, it was my birthday, and I sadly missed their big day.  I was always […]

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for my birthday – i got…..

a NEW HOUSE !!!!!! ok, word on the street is true, so I thought I would share a few snaps.. Whiskey and I bought a sweet little house in Ottawa, with a backyard for him to frolic and so I can grow tomatoes…  every year after wedding season we take a hot tropical vacation, but […]


happy birthday to me :)

Soooooo, its that time of year – to buy a beautiful new cover for a SHOOTSAC (photo above from their site – too cute, right?!) blow out the candles, take a day off and do NOTHING but celebrate with my dog, Whiskey…in Ottawa (where I was born) Who woulda thunk?! ahhhhhhhh happiness!  I’m so, so […]

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lucky girl I am!!!!!

It’s no secret I have the BEST clients!!!!!! but holy cow~ a very unexpected surprise happened to ME yesterday when I went location scouting with Adrienne and HY who are getting married TOMORROW!!!!!!!! how lucky am I to get a gift?~!!!!!  in a little blue box no less!!!!! Adrienne bought ME a matching Tiffany necklace!!!!! […]

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