About a year ago, I made a pack to myself to educate.  Educate my clients as to what exactly they are paying for when they hire me and my services, as well to educate myself to keep up with technology, meet other photographers from around the world, as there is strength in numbers and teach and learn from each other.  See my 2008 resolutions here.

A photographer I admire is named Jessica Claire and she is a photographer from Orange County.  She is simply – AMAZING!  Check out here work here.  When Image X was announced in December last year, I was excited I was told I was the 1st to sign up and passed the link onto several photographers.  To me, this was a no- brainer.

a.  to spend 3 spectacular days in New Orleans, one of my favorite cites in the whole world.  I have not been back since before Katrina hit and I was happy to pump some more money into the economy.

b. 2 whole days, to learn from 2 photographers of my choice, ask questions and learn from one of the TOP TEN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHERS ON THE PLANET!  wow!

Jessica Claire (above) in action

here are a few snaps I took from my conference.  Fun!