My parents always told me it’s better to give, then to receive.  Don’t you hate it when parents are always right?! (just joking)

Y’all know I am to be a BIT of a shop-a-holic, so when I went into my FAVORITE store to grab a new keychain for my new house… I went a bit nuts on gifts for all the people who have REALLY helped out in the East Coast Office of BEYOND BELLIES and HUBBARD PHOTOGRAPHY – I couldn’t have done it with out their help.  Thanks guys – you really have rocked to help the company expand from the West to the East – Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Inspired by the love and gift Adrienne gave to me… I am passing the love, and the EXTRA little blue boxes (I seem to have bought too much – dang : ) ) onto YOU!

We are having a day called TIFFANY THURSDAY – just a random gift, on a random Thursday, once a month – to a random client for no reason!   The fact they believed in me, my company and hired me to document their day or family portrait is good enough for me. I love my clients and m wonderful job – I am so blessed – lets see what happen, as TODAY – it happens to be Thursday! I kind of feel like Oprah!!! 🙂

Thanks to Carrie @ Tiffanys for all your help at.  She got just as excited as I did when I walked in and out of the store with BIG blue bags, containing little blues boxes!!!!

Who needs to wait for Christams – it’s too far away!!!!!! 🙂