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U2-3D – Go see it NOW!!!!

to quote the REPLACEMENTS: You be me for a while, and I’ll be you!!!! For over 15 years now, I have had people say: “I’ll be your assistant for (blah blah blah) rockshow?!” doesn’t matter what show, I always seem have a volunteer to carry my gear! The only problem is I can never get […]

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MOI | happy birthday mommy!

ok, mommy (and dad) – this one is for you!here is a photo for you for your birthday! Happy Birthday Mom!I know you LOVE to read my blog and find out what I’m up to (because I live on the opposite side of the country from them).I took this photo of me tonight. It’s rare […]

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MONSTER BEACH PARTY : Saturday January 19, 2008

Tart Art & Surly Girl Productions present…MONSTER BEACH PARTYArt & Music Bash 12 Midnite,Pilar Alvarez,Holly Anderson,Tom Bagley,I ,Braineater, Janis Corrado,Johnny Crap,Robert Dayton,Jeff Denomme,Dirty Donny,Kirsten Easthope,Rob Elliott,Rheanna Fancypants,Rod Filbrandt,Avrell Fox,Izzy Gibson,Ken Gerberick,Rot N Hell,Alison Lilly,Vicki M,Megz Majewski,Stu Mckay Smith,Kyrsztof Nemeth,Neal Nolan,Shawn O Keefe,Dave Pepe Petko,Lisa Petrucci,Owen Plummer,Bonni Reid,Bob Scott,Nicole Steen,Ken Sullivan,Andrea Tucker,Colin Upton,Jenny Watts,Kipling West Musical […]

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how are your New Years resolutions going?! It’s 16 days into January, are you sticking to them?! I’ve been true to mine (so far) knock 2008 resolutions are: click here so let’s re-cap1. I have signed up for some classes and excited about the gift of learning again! so check!3. travel – holy cow […]

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Ok, I was challenged by my peers and I challenge you to blog about your resolutions and we’ll revisit this next year – same time 🙂 hmmmm… my 2008 resolutions are: 1. education – take more classes to educate myself in business and life.2. health – laugh everyday, workout more, listen to more music.3. travel […]

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