a NEW HOUSE !!!!!!

ok, word on the street is true, so I thought I would share a few snaps..

Whiskey and I bought a sweet little house in Ottawa, with a backyard for him to frolic and so I can grow tomatoes…  every year after wedding season we take a hot tropical vacation, but this year we decided to be closer to family.  With the business expanding to Ottawa, we decided there is not place like home…  and voila – here is our home!  it’s only been 2 days – but we just LOVE IT!!

it’s a bit of a fixer upper but it’ll keep us busy, and we can be close to our expanding East Cost studio!  We’ll post pics and the changes progress – promise 🙂

the house is just the bonus part… when i saw this yard and the stars in the mouldings – it was a no brainer!  Home sweet home!

so love having a yard again!!!!!!  MY YARD at that!!!  I love my life.  I am so blessed.

Ottawa number is 613-608-7625 as well I have my Vancouver cell to reach me on anytime 604-721-7625!