13 years ago today, my best friends married each other!

These two are so inspirational, so in love, I am so proud to call them my BEST friends! Happy Anniversary guys!!

09.16.1995 – I was living 5000 miles away from them, it was my birthday, and I sadly missed their big day.  I was always so bummed about this – until last night!!!!!

They celebrated their union, while I babysat their 2 wonderful children and watched their wedding video (which is not as dated as I thought it would be after all this time) and they BUSTED ME when they returned home – just in time to re-live thier first dance.  I not only got to see it live, but the original dance as well.

I love you both so much, I am soooo blessed that we share a special day together, and happy I got to be home to celebrate with you and your family!  xoxoxox