how are your New Years resolutions going?!
It’s 16 days into January, are you sticking to them?!

I’ve been true to mine (so far) knock wood.
my 2008 resolutions are: click here

so let’s re-cap
1. I have signed up for some classes and excited about the gift of learning again!
so check!
3. travel – holy cow – ask and you shall receive!!!!
I’m so blessed – so far since I’ve posted…
I’m booked for shoots in Panama, Cuba, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Ottawa, Whistler and today I booked a gorgeous wedding in FERNIE! I’m so out of my comfort zone of LA, but excited at the new lands to explore and document!

4-10. all these have come true (so far) as well – ok maybe not the guitar hero part YET!!!!
I am trying to educate my clients more in you pay for what you get. ask photographers what you really get. What kind of gear they use to shoot the most important day of your life! Check what YOUR priorities are for your big day and make them top on your list.

and now for #2. health and workout

My friend (and massage therapist to the stars) Holli, and I have been going to Bikram yoga, for health and peace of mind.
I am LOVING it.
Feeling great, losing weight and have so much more energy.

I am also reading a book I gave to several of my friends at Xmas.
It’s called eat,pray,love. I HIGHLY recommend this as well.

ok, so this is the contest… c’mon brides (& grooms) or anyone who wants to enter – who doesn’t want a FREE MASSAGE!!!!

I would like to buy you a massage with the wonderful Holli.

How cute is she?!!!! Her clinic is the Urban Knead and she is super busy, but if you write me a wonderful letter saying why you deserve to win it.. we’ll get you in! the more creative the better! 🙂
I want you to sign up for Yoga too, read this book along with us and share in the fun. you won’t regret it — promise!!!