to quote the REPLACEMENTS:
You be me for a while, and I’ll be you!!!!

For over 15 years now, I have had people say: “I’ll be your assistant for (blah blah blah) rockshow?!” doesn’t matter what show, I always seem have a volunteer to carry my gear! The only problem is I can never get anyone else in!

well…. tonight I went to see U2-3D – holy cow…. This is probably the closest you will get to see the blessed life I have had for the past 15 years working up with ROLLING STONE and other magazines – up close and personal with rockstars. I however, LOVED watching the show, without seeing it through my lens for once! wow! I was chair dancing and singing through the whole show, I forgot it was a movie!!!

I have been so lucky to photograph U2, 6 times, here is a taste of some of my pics I grabbed from the Rolling Stone website.

For more rocknroll photos please check out my rocknroll website!