things about me

I LOVE emails like this….

Angela,Hello my name is Dawn. I am 16 years old. I am taking a photography class and our latest assignment was to find a famous photographer and write a paper on them. Well i’ve been lookin’ for a good photographer do write about for about a week now and today i found your website and […]

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TRUTH: Seal is a rebus, showing an eye, a pen, and the word truth, meaning “I write truth” or “I am truthful”I receiver this for my birthday (thanks W & D) and it’s my FAVORITE piece and I wear it everyday!For more seals and their meaning and Pyrrha Jewelry go to (great for bridal party […]

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Crank Yankers – yo!

Today, Whiskey and I were so super lucky to visit one of our grooms, Rob at work. He works for Crank Yankers, and we were both super star struck when we saw the puppets. Today was a fabulous day !!!! So happy and blessed. Thanks Rob! xo

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