PORTER AIR – my airline of choice!

OMG – found my new favorite airline. PORTER AIR! THIS airline rocks… why you ask?! It may be the swank lounge you don’t need to pay a membership fee to access… It may be the complimentary Apple computers they allow you to use – again FREE and not just 1 – lots of them for […]


off off and away…

Here I go again,  I’m off and away and will be hitting your town soon for my  HUBBARD PHOTOGRAPHY/ BEYOND BELLIES portrait tour… I’m a bit behind on blogging so please forgive me.


Photography – this art is ALIVE and well and growing….

I was so pleased to find this poster when I was walking down the street in Ottawa last week.  This City is so alive with wonderful people, art and culture. I attended a gallery night with old skool Vancouver, now Ottawa (I know you know her… cuz everyone does!!!) Publicist to the Stars, Tatiana Nemchin […]


What do you do when renovating a house? plan a world portrait tour -what else?!!!

Ok, so the renos on the house are going AWESOME!  The floors should be done by tomorrow, lots of work has happened this week (painting, tree removal, landscaping etc…) and now I have started planning for my world portrait tour!!! Beginning October 1st, I will be in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, New York, New Orleans, Los […]

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Off Off and away I go!!!!!!!!

I just got back from documenting 12 hours of Adrienne and HY‘s wonderful day!!  Congrats guys and have a wonderful time in Bali!!!!!  I took over 3,000 images but before I start on those… wanted to say the party is still going strong at Hart House – but I had to bail early as I […]


holy smokes.. what response!!!!

ok, perhaps I need some re-structuring on this… I WILL photograph weddings (if you ask me nicely) if I have EVER photographed you before, ie: the GRANDFATHER CLAUSE – been in a previous wedding or bridal party I have photographed, been in a photo from my beyond bellies for a family photos or a friend […]


We are CLOSED this ‘labour’ (we call it NON-labour) day weekend!!!!

This “labour day” weekend, we have decided to treat ourselves to no labour! Due to the cancellation of two separate weddings this long weekend, the gals at Pamper me Pretty and the gals at Hubbard Photography decided to pick up – close up shop and enjoy the last weekend of summer and relax!!!!  That’s right!!!!!! […]


EAST is the new WEST!!!!!!

BIG NEWS!!!!!!  in case you haven’t heard already!!! Angela Hubbard & the team at Hubbard Photography are now BI-COASTAL! We have currently set up another one of our boutique studios in Ontario due to the popularity of our style and imagery. Our clients ‘big day’  can now be captured in  Vancouver, Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal. […]


Sorry – I’m now BOOKED for labour day long weekend!

I was kinda bummed about not working a wedding for the long weekend. It’s been 15 years since I have been without a wedding that weekend. Then I got EXCITED to have the long weekend off -wow- that NEVER happens!!!!!!  Then the universe provided me with many many options to fill it… and I am […]