OMG – found my new favorite airline. PORTER AIR!

THIS airline rocks… why you ask?!

It may be the swank lounge you don’t need to pay a membership fee to access…

It may be the complimentary Apple computers they allow you to use – again FREE

and not just 1 – lots of them for you and your friends 🙂

or maybe it’s the complimentary snack you get even though I was flying an HOUR – again fun, right?!

or the complimentary beverage service which includes alcohol… is this a dream?!

or the super adorable flight attendants?!  I sneezed and the lovely Tracy was there within a second to bring me a box of tissues.  INCREDIBLE!

I can not do anything but RAVE about this airline and their services.  In a world where custome service seems to be a thing of the past, I give much kudos to Porter Air and I wish them safe travels wherever they fly.  The airline of choice for the Hubbard Photography World Domination tour 🙂