This “labour day” weekend, we have decided to treat ourselves to no labour!

Due to the cancellation of two separate weddings this long weekend, the gals at Pamper me Pretty and the gals at Hubbard Photography decided to pick up – close up shop and enjoy the last weekend of summer and relax!!!!  That’s right!!!!!!

The girls at the Pretty Boutique took off and went to Vegas and in honor of their get away, I decided to rent this movie…(which in turn is a real treat for me to sit or a few hours without editing!) what-happens-in-vegas-movie-poster-1.jpg

and  for us – I decided to NOT WORK (by taking photos), and treat my assistant, Emily to the Stone Temple Pilots (with Sloan) show tonight.  This is a real treat for me.  Just watching a show!!!! Lucky, lucky girls we are!!!!

Thanks for my friends in the band, crew and behind the scenes for making this happen! xo