Sweet Victory!

It’s been a tough few weeks, and I’m sorry if I have been m.i.a. but I’m backkkkkkk and never been better! My forever belief of: “the truth, will set you free” has. If I didn’t believe it before, I look out my window at a huge double rainbow in the sky – this is more […]


Spring is in the air!!!

Today may have been the perfect day! Gorgeous weather, good friends, great pooch and a little retail therapy! Who can ask for anything more! a new yoga outfit (or 2) for my new BIKRAM craze…a pair of new shoes at Gravity Pope and some snazzy jeans from Jonathan and Olivia something for Whiskey and some […]

0 comments | Lunar Eclipse

A total lunar eclipse occurs when the full moon passes into Earth’s shadow and is blocked from the sun’s rays that normally illuminate it. During an eclipse, the sun, Earth and moon line up, leaving a darkened moon visible to observers on the night side of the planet. The moon doesn’t go black because indirect […]


thank you blog stalkers!!!!!

As most of you know, I have become a bit of a blogaholic, love my blog as well as checking my stats – DAILY!!!! I have had over 30,000 hits in less then a year…I see everyone that comes to my blog, starting from Maple Ridge, all the way through the US and across over […]


Now scheduling appts for the week of FEB 5th

Hi there, I’m now back in Panama City and will be returning to Vancouver on Monday night and have started booking appointments for Tuesday. Wednesday is already booked, but Tuesday and the rest of the week I am available. Please drop me an email to schedule and appt. Thanks for your patience and look forward […]



Checking in from Panama! Sorry I have been out of touch, as internet here at the beach has been a bit dicey out here.Lots of photos and blogs soon to come the moment I get home! Thanks for all your emails and well wishes about my friend. You are all too kind. Bless you! Off […]


1 stop shopping for WEDdings on Main Street, Vancouver!

If you pick up this weeks Georgia Straight, on page 22 – you will notice two things, ad above, and 2. the HUGE article on a new wedding dress store on Main Street called WED! last night was the grand opening and any excuse I can get to pop into this GORGEOUS store (and […]

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