Ok, so the renos on the house are going AWESOME!  The floors should be done by tomorrow, lots of work has happened this week (painting, tree removal, landscaping etc…) and now I have started planning for my world portrait tour!!!

Beginning October 1st, I will be in Ottawa, Montreal, Toronto, New York, New Orleans, Los Angeles,  San Fransisco, Vancouver, and anywhere in between.

Why? because you asked for it!!!  I have many wonderful people out there who have asked me to photographed their families, and where i go… from town to town, city to city, state to state… I’ll find you and be there!

Please call me on on of the numbers (they both work)

(604) 721-7625 or (613) 608-7625 to set up your session shoot and let’s get you penned in!


with love, a

p.s. who is hosting the Canadian orphan thanksgiving?!! 😉  you get FREE portraits as thanks for hosting me 😉