Times in my building are a changing @ my building – the HUB.

Four years ago, we all bought our first condos together and now everyones – getting married and I’m still looking that sparkling thing on MY finger!!!!  always the wedding photographer and never the bride (joooooooooo-king!!!!!)

Remember Lori (my old neighbour and friend – she got married a few weeks ago), Adrienne and HY (are tying the knot next weekend and now Tara and Graeme!  Congrats guys!!!!!

Tara and Graeme got engaged and just bought their first home and I’m so thrilled to have invited myself over and take theses photos of them!

How cute is it?!!!!!!!

isn’t love GRAND!

you two are the best!!!!!!! thanks for dinner!  I love you both!!!! xoox angie

more shout outs to engaged couples from the building – Gina and Benjamin welcome a new addition and soon to be new dad :), the Fabulous Jessica and Jose are engaged, as well as Linda and John, Ben and Julie, wedding wise – Dennis “the kneebone” tied the knot on Lori‘s day and Wes and Sandy last year and Jessie and Ben – this weekend on Salt Spring!!!!!!!  whew!~

I feel so honored to have been able to share this time with you and excited to remain friends with you all and share in this adventure!!!!!!  Everyone is brought into people lives for a reason, season or lifetime.  I glad we all shared this building together!!!!!

arrrrrr-rightttttttttt – who’s next!?