This week the girls (Josie and Jacqueline) started school… they grow up soooooooo fast!!

So I thought it was only appropriate that we have our last ‘hoorah’ photoshoot at the beach – to enjoy the last few lazy, crazy, hazy, days of summer….

with ice cream, of course…

how cute are they?! I just wanna eat them!!!!!!!! so i took their ice cream instead 🙂

another super model gorgeous family!!!!! 🙂

you may recognize this super model from his website (new site coming soon with our new pics – don’t let this old site scare you!!! (joking)

Josie is going to grow up to be a marathon runner – soooo we got some practice in today!

Look at Tim’s pretty ladies!  You are one lucky man, sir!!!!

thanks for today and NEXT time – I promise to bring Whiskey with me again, k!?