It’s that time again – time to get my birthday present from 2 of my dearest friend in the whole wide world.

I have been so blessed to get yearly, a very special gift, and unique piece from PYRRHA. I treasure the jewelry and their friendship with all my heart.  Whenever I feel alone, I know I am not because I have one of their shield protecting me…  (last years piece is  here) and their friendship close to my heart!

They own a jewelry company called PYRRHA and if you don’t own a piece – what’s wrong with you ?!!!!! 🙂

This year, I was blessed to get:

Lion and Stag Crest: Motto reads “Nec cupias nec netuas” , which means “Be neither fearful
nor wanting”.  The stag represents peace and harmony and the lion, courage.

These are also great gifts for bridal party gifts for both the ladies and men!!!  a unique gift for unique friendship!

W&D – love you much, and thank you !!!!

forever friends – through think and thin!!!  15 years and counting!!!!! xoxoox