ok I’ll admit it!!!!  READY?!!!!       I am a BLOGGER and I LOVE BLOGGING!

I get a lot of people reading my BLOG, asking how I have time to always post on my BLOG, telling me they need to keep up on their BLOG – so here it is – my ode to the BLOG!

This month, I feel very honored because it seems I’m also other people’s BLOGS.   soooooooo in honor of our friend, the good old BLOG – this BLOG is dedicated to BLOGGING about BLOGGING!

First up – I would like to that Christine Denis from Ottawa for placing me as her 2nd interview for her GREAT CANADAIN PHOTOGRAPHER series on her BLOG. Thank you very much for that, Christine.

Secondly – I would like to thank Julie C Butler for taking such amazing photos of my dog + the love of my life, Whiskey. Amazing photos Julie and thanks for putting them on your BLOG.

I love the way you captured him in these images.

third – I feel honored to be on the [B] school blog .  This is a lovely photo from the photobooth Becker had at WPPI .  Me with my good friends, the Milwaukee boys Simon and Rob – If you haven’t checked out these two photogs or their BLOGS– do so – they ROCK!

thanks for reading my BLOG – don’t be afraid to comment and leave some BLOG love.

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