you say it’s your birthday…… HAPPY BIRTHDAY AVERY!  ONE IS FUN!!!

Another Saturday – more CAKE!   I have decided that I am only going to document events with CAKE!

Weddings, Birthday parties = CAKE! 🙂 Kind of ironic isn’t it for someone who doesn’t even have a sweet tooth.. but how fun is cake!

I also can’t believe how fast times flies!  I have know Avery since before she was born @ her mom’s maternity session

Her mom Nicole + dad Jason, received my baby’s first year package as a gift from a wonderful friend for her baby shower.  I love being the gift BUT secretly, I feel like I am the lucky one.  How blessed am I to be able to meet wonderful clients, document their wedding day and share all of their special memories with them.. I am so blessed!  plus, there is CAKE!

You may remember my little super model in her newborn session, her 2 month old session, her 6 month old session,  It’s so fun to be able to show you as well as document a child’s full first year.

and Miss Avery Grant today – Happy Birthday!!!!

Beyond Delicious isn’t she (and so was the cake)!  Thanks for having me to your party       I LOVE YOU!!!!

To give the gift of baby’s first year to a friend – please contact me here