happy 2010 internets!

wow I can not believe a decade has passed and what a decade it has been.

It all began for me on December 31, 1999. Vancouver, BC . BC Place and I was soooooo excited because 

the greatest band in the world, KISS was in town and I was going to be front and center ready to photograph it even if Y2K was going to shut the world down!

I couldn’t think of a better place to be but this great rocknroll event. It was the BEST show I ever attended!

added bonus: New Years event backstage at midnight to celebrate. a highlight of my life I will never forget.

Following that: my career went into overdrive.  So many wonderful things happened I can’t remember them all but a few  that come to mind are the many doors that opened for me like:

moving to Los Angeles,

being pulled up on stage by Bono,

moving from film to digital, switching from Nikon to Canon,

attending A list parties with camera in hand meeting and greeting many superstars,

photographing red carpet events,


having a gallery show at MTV and having all my work purchased,

working for many worderful mags and sites like Rolling Stone, Spin, Us Weekly, People Magazine, Chart to name a few

being interviewed on Urban Rush, Urban Rush (Twice), Xpress in Ottawa and capturing a celebrity wedding guest appearance on Entertainment Tonight Canada ,

creating my Vancouver wedding photography website, as well as my baby and newborn website,

buying a photostudio in Vancouver,

meeting so many wonderful couples, documenting their wedding and their lives and making lifelong friends,

meeting fabulous metors, meeting so many wonderful photographers,

traveling the world and creating my art

getting a puppy and finding my soulmate

This is how I became who I am.. capturing your big day (wedding) the rocknroll way!

gosh I have just been so so blessed and I thank everyone who believed and supported me thru everything!

I had to chuckle because cut to October 2009. Montreal.  almost 10 years later – who do I photograph?

KISS just as much fun, only a little older (or are they) 😉

Happy 2010 everyone!  May this decade be bigger and better then EVER!

peace angela

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