It’s 2010 – and I’m off to a wonderful new year.  This year feels very powerful and amazing already.  I can’t wait to embark on the journey it’ll bring. I am so lucky because I am so blessed to be surrounded by such a wonderful family, puppy, clients and friends.

but, as we all know, sometimes life can be a bit challenging.

Recently there were some terrible fires around my Vancouver neighbourhood over the past 6 weeks destroying businesses and people lives. There will be some benefit shows to help those who lost their studios and restaurants, re-build and help re-coup some losses – like this one.  I will keep you posted on more events if you send me an email.

I took it as a sign that today, when I was walking Whiskey past these business’ and going to get my morning coffee – I stumbled upon this little book of quotes, that are simple and positive.

I picked it up and just wanted to share a bit with you.

Sometimes we forget the simple things…

Quote to live by:

don’t compare yourself to others.

follow your heart.

live in the moment.

be kind.

stay inspired.

stop being a victim.

do things you are good at.

love your work.

get a new perspective.

dont isolate.

find people you love.

set goals.

finish what you started.

help others.


pamper yourself.

isnt that what life’s all about?  BE good to yourself and others.  Happy 2010!

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