Johnny Vegas show #650 @ Maxwells’

the Johnny Vegas all star band is one of Ottawa’s favorite musical acts.  Patterned after Rat Pack crooners, Johnny Vegas brings back a style not seensince the early sixties in Las Vegas.  His anniversary show #650 was a blast! I’ve never seen a can-can line like I did during his performance of New York New […]

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the TREWS in Cuba | 04.09.08

Canadians unite in CUBA! The Trews played a concert in Cuba for contest winners across Canada and to kick off their summer tour for their new album, Den of Thieves.   John-Angus, Colin, Jack and Sean always put on such a great show.  What a BLAST – Thanks for everything and the VIP treatment… we […]

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ALANIS rocks GM Place in Vancouver |03.09.08

Once upon a time ago, in the seventies/eighties, in Ottawa, Canada – there were two girls.  Angela Hubbard and Alanis Morrisette.  They both came from the same city, yet grew up to be rockstars in their own special way! Alanis and I went to different high schools , but our paths crossed often.  I’m so […]

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U2-3D – Go see it NOW!!!!

to quote the REPLACEMENTS: You be me for a while, and I’ll be you!!!! For over 15 years now, I have had people say: “I’ll be your assistant for (blah blah blah) rockshow?!” doesn’t matter what show, I always seem have a volunteer to carry my gear! The only problem is I can never get […]

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Sometimes I forget my rocknroll roots. don’t get me wrong….I love photographing weddings, but the reason I started following my passion was for 2 reasons, rock and roll. Having a blessed career working with Rolling Stone for the past 13 years, then moving more into the wedding field (following my return move back to Vancouver) […]

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