Yes, you read that right. Here’s a small press release I found

Local RocknRoller – Bryan Adams played a secret show tonight in Vancouver at St Andrew’sWesley United Church at 1012 Nelson Street in Vancouver, BC, promoting his new album, 11, that comes out today.  This treat was a secret show VIP’s and a few hundred fans from the Bryan Adams Fan Club. e.jpg

I was so very blessed to be asked to attend this show, with my friend B as a VIP guest. It was surreal – sitting a few feet away from Bryan Adams, he was rocking out on the guitar, and I was sitting in the 2nd row church pue, the same place where I have spent many a Saturday, photographing a wedding.

If you know me at all, even though I was a guest, I had to take a few snaps to share this event with you my blog stalkers 😉



Keith Scott even came out to rock a couple of tunes with his buddy.


I also thought I would try something different, and have you really feel like you were there and I took a few video snips I posted on YouTube.


So imagine, all you couples getting married out there at St. Andrew-Wesley, if you ever wanted Bryan Adams to sing at your wedding, this may be the next best thing –  you can say you saw him sing, in the Church where you wed ! 😉

Also a big shout out to  to Bryan’s mom – who turned 80 yesterday (which is the reason he is in town)

Bryan Adam’s mom