I have an embarrassing confession to make… here it goes: I honestly was quite excited and could not wait to get OUT of dodge for the Olympics (as I don’t do so well with LARGE crowds) HOWEVER I am SO THANKFUL that for some reason the universe had me stay and I can honestly say the Vancouver 2010 Olympics was the most fun I have even had in my LIFE! ironically enough, was downtown about 3 times a day, documenting festivities all over the place and LOVED the positivity, people and fun that made our city shine and glow with Canadian Pride! I have never felt more patriotic in my life.

I was happy to be welcoming the World to my hometown:

I have documented some of my journey with you on previous blogs but wanted to close my happy blogging with just a few more fun images as you have been so wonderful to email me and comment on the others…

as you could see – I just couldn’t stop taking photos of the cauldron. It was so AMAZING to see up close.

An INCREDIBLE feeling and beautiful to shoot from all angles.

watching the rings turn gold almost nightly brought tears to my eyes.

Got to hang with the AWESOME TSN’s Dutchy – he’s an icon (I thought when I met him he said he shot Nikon – LOL – I’m such a geek)

the nightly fireworks were just such a beautiful treat to watch from wherever I was in the city just spectacular!

and our beautiful, friendly, loving city.. you made us proud!

and of course – the game


pssssst… did I mention that someone I know got to WEAR a SILVER MEDAL ?! so fun and such and HONOR!

Vancouver 2010 Olympics games, you made me laugh + cry – thank you for it all!

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