I first met this ridiculously gorgeous couple wayyyyyyyyy back in June of 2006 @ the wedding of Mike + Shanni.

(Gosh time flies –  that seems like just yesterday)


then I was honored to photograph the beautiful Sarah in the wedding of Catherine to Evan in July of 2007 (again, feels like just yesterday)

This group is THE most fun group of friends, and I feel so blessed to be photographing and documenting the weddings + lives of each couple with their lovely friends and watching them as each of their families grow.

and now may I present to you Sarah, Mike + Rusty!






and…. Rusty’s over it! LOL


Thanks for the best Friday night in forever! such great laughs and fun times!  you guys and your clan always make me laugh so hard!

Can’t wait to show you the rest of the images.. this is just a tease for you!

angela  x