I am so very lucky and blessed to be able to do what I love and call it my career. I just wanted to stop for a minute and THANK YOU for believing in me year after year.  As I sit here and reflect my life, I have been doing this over 15 years.  WOW!!

Not only do I have have a  successful wedding and portrait photography business in Vancouver, during this recession, I am lucky enough to employ people and expand to the East.  When we first decided to open the studio in Ottawa, I got (and still get) this question a lot: WHY OTTAWA?~~~

Well, it’s simple really.   I was born in Ottawa, it’s a clean and wonderful city, it’s the Nations Capital and it’s still close to the major cities of Toronto and Montreal.  My roots are still in Vancouver, but I love having the diversity of both cities.

The chilly winters here are the reason I picked up and moved to the West  –  yet with the sun shining, it didn’t seem so bad this week.  Today we got to enjoy Winterlude and the AMAZING ice sculptures. I just wanted to share a few photos to my friends in the West.


These hand carved ice sculptures were incredible!



snow taffy and of course we can’t forget…Beavertails


unfortunately Sens, my heart still belongs to the CANUCKS


Vancouver, I’m back next week, please feel free to email me at mshubbard@gmail.com to reach me.