How about the energy in this city! WOW!  Nothing but AWESOME have these games been. I’m certainly glad I stayed in town for them.

I got an email Andrew back in January. He and his family traveled from Rhode Island  for the Olympics and thought that having some family portraits taken while being a part of this amazing atmosphere would be really memorable.

He and his wife, Kate met 16 years ago at the Winter Olympics in Norway standing in line for tickets they were 20 and she was 23.  Long story, short…after two hours of talking in the bitter cold, no tickets to be had, a meal together with her mom, and addresses exchanged…they have been together ever since and added two fantastic kids.

How sweet is that story?!

So family photos it was with an Olympic twist to it. Here they are… straight from Long Island to Vancouver

Not only are they adorable, but they are the nicest family EVER… the following day we went to the medal ceremony together and here are a few snaps from that.

Miss you already – can’t wait to see you again very soon.

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