When I met with the lovely Joanna and Brennan the first time, little did I know but their minds were elsewhere. They had just put an offer in on their FIRST house! During our meeting, the realtor called and guess what.. the house was theirs! We opened a bottle of wine to celebrate and once again, I felt so blessed to share in such a special moment with such a special couple! Yesterday, I shot their engagement photos, of course I had to come over to see the new house. I tell you, it couldn’t be more perfect 🙂
Our photoshoot had to be in their new hood! Across the street, in their backyard with their dog, Comet and in their back alley with their rad bikes!

Of course, more wine to celebrate another wonderful time together and close a wonderful spring photshoot. I love you guys! Can’t wait to shoot your wedding, I’m soooooooooo excited!