If you know my at all.. I LOVE holidays!
That’s why I feel I have the BEST job in the WORLD – many celebrations!

It’s December 1st, we have had our first snowfall of the year, my Christmas shopping is allll DONE (image that, this year I am avoiding the stores), our photo-shoot for today got postponed to next week, and Whiskey and I have decided to take the day off to get our place ready for the Christmas!!!!!

but first, a quick play in the snow with our friends…
the snow is so pretty on our house

3 hours later…
the snow is not stopping!!!!

if you are looking for me, this is where i’ll be – 🙂

and just when I think I have had the perfect day – my neighbour Cory knocks on my door with piping warm – fresh out of the oven – hand made chocolate chip surprise cookies!
YUM! I am a very lucky girl!