Sorry again for being a bad blogger…and thanks or all your emails asking me to update the blog..

between photoshoots, editing weddings, creating wedding albums, being at the Ottawa Studio and Vancouver studio as well New Orleans and a world portrait tour… I have missed blogging.. so here you go… more to come!

When I photographed Bia’s family (click here) her family loved the photos so much, we had to do a full family photo.  I agree!  and with these gorgeous fall leaves, what a perfect background.

her sister, Lynda and her family

aren’t these kids the spitting image of their parents – LOVE IT!

all the grandchildren and very blessed yaya and papu who created it all 🙂

and the lotta them!!!! What a gorgeous family!!!!!!!

Thank you for allowing me to share this special Thanksgiving weekend with you!  I know they will make GREAT Xmas cards and presents!

for your family photos (while we still have the nice weather) contact and we will have someone from our team contact you!