April Fools day!!!!

I’ll never forget April 1st, 2006 – four years ago my friend Sean + Joanne, tied the knot – I showed up at the  hotel and called up to the room and Joanne told me the WEDDING was OFF!

I almost burst out into tears at the thought of two of my dearest friends, who have been together FOREVER, NOT GETTING MARRIED on their special day.. seconds later I was told “April Fools”.

Fast forward four years to today.  Joanne, as seen here, is pregnant – the little jokesters tell me –  she is in the hospital in labour – I fell for it once, do I fall again?!!! hmmmmmm…

I’m waiting by the phone for the call…  until then I will blog their gorgeous daughter, Samara who I got to hang out with last week doing mommy’s belly pics..

What do you think? She loves the camera, or the camera loves her.. I say – BOTH!  so cute!

How special will that be to have a baby on your anniversary!  eeeeeeeeeeeeee, so excited!  I’ll waiting by the phone.. congrats on baby #2 mama, papa and Samara.