I was so honored when I got an email from

This Week’s Featured Vancouverite: Angela Hubbard

Hometown: Vancouver, BC

How long have you been a Vancouverite? 17 years

I am a photographer that specializes in weddings and lifestyle photography. By lifestyle, I mean everything from weddings, to portraits, to newborns, to people and their pets, to rock n’ rollers. You can find my work through a variety of links, but my website is the probably the best place: http://www.hubbardphotography.com

Favourite place in the city:
This city is so magical that I don’t just have one favourite place. Being a wedding photographer, I am challenged on a regular basis to discover new hidden hideaways that will help to make my clients wedding day unique. I have yet to be stumped, and I think that we are so blessed to live in this beautiful city!

Best way to spend a Saturday in the city:
If you happen to pass by or are attending a wedding in this city, you can probably find me tagging along, hiding behind my camera. I have the best job in the world and am lucky to have the most amazing clients!

Favourite Vancouver artist:
I have been a rock n’ roll photographer since 1984, and have freelanced for Rolling Stone for the past 14 years documenting celebrities and musicians. Trying to nail down to just one favourite artist is impossible. Anyone that is creative and out their following their dreams is okay, in my books!

Top insider tip for visitors:
Hire me to document your journey (just joking)! If you are visiting, please bring a good camera to capture all of the amazing things that this city has to offer. Vancouver has everything from the beaches, to the mountains, to the ocean, to the urban city life; you may never leave!