It’s AMAZING how many familiar faces I see at weddings. I thank you for trusting in my passion and vision and passing my name through the grapevine!! That means more to me then words can express! There is no better advertisement then word or mouth and seeing joyful photos framed around the house and gorgeous coffee table albums proudly displayed for viewing!

This weekend, I ran into so many familiar faces and met new faces from both previous, and up and coming weddings. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this group of friends, parents and people I see I will be spending the summer with!

Melanie & Sascha’s wedding in September
Joanna’s wedding (these are her parents)
as well as Alex’s sister who just got engaged a few weeks ago who’s nuptuals are next year in Maui! Congrats guys!!!

I also met people who knew and attended past weddings like Shanni & Mike’s and Julie & Dan’s and the upcoming Jennie & Kelly’s – who have seen my work and have paid me nothing but the most beautiful and wonderful compliments. Thank you!!!!

I would also like to congratulate Alexandra and Don for allowing me to share in such a lovely ceremony mixing religions and beliefs that make a 10 year commitment, a love for eternity!
Special shout out goes to my buddy Pierre, and his friend from CNN for the scotch!!

and the Dr.’s for all their hard work
and to the wonderful Kirsty, for making this event, so wonderful, so organized, and so breathtakingly beautiful… more images to come in the next post!!

Have fun in Greece, Don and Alex – can’t wait to see you again in a few weeks! xoxo