Last week, I was so lucky to model for a portrait session

Fabulous makeup artist Kayla, did my hair and makeup and she said the kindest thing.

She said I looked like international supermodel CHRISTIE BRINKLEY.

I said thank you Kayla, thinking she was just being super sweet (and honestly thought she was joking).  Then I got home and compared two photographs (below)  Christie Brinkley (left) and one of me   …. i DO see a resemblance now!

Christie Brinkley Angela Hubbard photography

All I have to say is WOW!!       I’m so, SO flattered      THE #timelessbeauty HERSELF.

and I blog today because it’s her birthday.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOPPELGANGER!! #twinning

and I also blogged to let you know, how much this photoshoot, changed MY life!!

WHY??  because I’ve REALLY awoken to the gift that I give others with my photography.

I TREASURE these images  SO MUCH!

Not only because they are OUTSTANDING, or because (they are the only ones I have of myself that) aren’t selfies from my iphone.

Not only because they are in focus, but because I was photographed by a professional photographer and for the first time,

I see the real ME captured.     I see MY soul in this image.

Mandi captured my SPIRIT.   To me, there’s no dollar amount LARGE enough you can place on something like that.

Growing up I always felt like the ugly duckling.  I had a handful of beautiful friends, models, actors, musicians I hung with.  I seemed to gravitate toward people who loved to entertain and be in the spotlight.  I was the more quiet/reserved one.  I was shy, introverted, bullied in school so that’s probably why I hid behind my camera.  Isolated, I escaped to the darkroom in high school every chance I got.  That big black box always covering my face, but knew I loved beauty and always tried to capture it in things.

My goal: to always find the magic in people, weddings, babies, kids, families, love, models, rockstars…

I’m 45 and this photoshoot made ME (finally) feel like the beautiful swan I had always dreamed of becoming.

After all these years of hiding, creating, giving, documenting – I have never been photographed like this, until now.

This is one of the best gifts I’ve EVER received.  She found the magic in me – something I just realized, I could never FULLY capture in a portrait of myself.  I’ll have this memory forever (I’ve already made prints to hang on my wall AND album of these beautiful images) and if that wasn’t enough, the compliment of resembling this #timelessbeauty. PRICELESS

Thank you Kayla for turning me into a supermodel, Mandi for capturing this image and a VERY happy happy birthday to my birthday doppelganger #timelessbeauty Christie Brinkley.