Hi loyal blog readers,

bad news: I’ve been sick with a cold for a few weeks, and I couldn’t seem to shake it.

good news: I FINALLY went to the doctor  + got some antibiotics and now on the mend. YAY!

While being sick, I’ve been working, editing, and asking myself, why aren’t I getting better?   (I know right, slow learner.)

Today, I’ve taken the doctors orders and I’m on the couch resting, watching Nate Berkus.

On the show is one of my FAVORITE people + celebrity chef from his TV show, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, Guy Fieri

My brain instantly flashed back to photoshoot Guy and I did together that I never blogged. Following doctor’s orders, it’s not in this post.

but, it’s now on my list of things to blog and there are a whole lot of new photos coming!

Until then, here is a photo of me with Guy from my original post

Vancouver portrait photographer Angela Hubbard Photography

If you don’t know who Guy Fieri is, click here.  He’s a pretty awesome Guy 😉 as well as a rockstar of a chef.


back to the couch i go. have a beautiful Wednesday!


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