Another beautiful morning in Vancouver… this is the beach I take my dog, Whiskey to swim.


This morning I posted on my TWITTER that Whiskey and I were going down to the Ocean for a dip, which we do about 3 times a week, you may remember his post here (2007 – he was just a puppy) .  We were texted by our friends in Ottawa and LA who have never been to Vancouver, to take a few snaps.. so I happen to have my point and shoot on me, so here you go Andy, Liz and Bobby this blog is for you!!!!


Whiskey the wonder dog LOVES LOVES LOVES the Ocean.  The further the ball goes, the more determined he is to bring it back.  It’s awesome to watch.  Often we are asked by people if he’s a poodle and the answer is YES – he’s a bichon/poodle mix – then they say in surprise – OH, I didn’t know poodles liked the water… my response: I didn’t know they didn’t (or that they don’t often play fetch with tennis balls… we just kinda always did it!?




I just love watching him swim – and he NEVER gets tired (sometimes I wish he would 😉 )wball

We are pretty spolied living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world… we really realized it when we were away, so we promise we are going to live in our head office studio – in Vancouver  -forever! 🙂

If you frequent the dog beach @ Burrard in Kits, or wanna come for a coffe and swim with us one morning.. shoot us an email