Hi friends,

Today I feel so honoured, because I was asked to guest post on a wedding makeup blog.  The blog ‘ the elements of fakery’ taking the guest work out of your favourite beauty looks asked me post post about how important a photographer sees makeup during photoshoots.

Not being a writer, I said to Alexis I could sum it up in one word, ESSENTIAL (then was ask to add a few more words)

Please visit their website and you can view the blog post by clicking here

Vancouver wedding photographer Angela Hubbard Photography

Thanks you Alexis for this post, as well  this post gave me the gift that I have to expand my vocabulary.

Being a photographer, I have always been more visual with images then with words – but now I am going to set a goal, not only in writing, but in speech to express myself a bit more. Kind of like make up does to a photo I guess.

Thanks for reading and hope to blog more again soon.