First off….

The wait is FINALLY over!  Today is the day the new album from Guns N’ Roses, Chinese Democracy, is released. The disc, which features 14 brand new songs from Axl and company, has garnered rave reviews and is easily the most anticipated release of the year.

It’s been 17 years between albums (but who’s counting?! 😉 )  The fact is it’s here and it rocks!  Go get it!! note to self: things that have RED STARS in their logos are AWESOME!

2ndly: I decided to take a little road trip to Montreal this weekend.  While watching the Santa Clause parade, looked back at my photos and saw THIS image in my lens – it was like an angel popped out in the crowd..

could it really be?!!!!!!   I said wait a minute, I know that ROCKSTAR.

It was one of my grooms, Shaadi, and his all boys from his wedding, flew in from Vancouver!  I was blown away! !!!  I asked him what he was doing in Montreal, and he said GREY CUP!  He and the guys all played on the football team in school in West Vancouver.

Just joking – I knew he was going to be there, so I drove down to visit him.  A GREAT weekend in Montreal, was had by all.  Again, I feel so blessed that I have the BEST couples, that we don’t only share in the wedding day, but we are friends, we keep in touch, and we go out of our way to make time and to see each other. I am so blessed.

Here are a few Grey Cup snaps from last night in Montreal.

The dashing bridal party.  Just like the old times 😉

and fun pre-parties, kinda like Shaadi’s reception.  Crazy and Fun with lots of drinks, food and great pals!

Go TEAM!  I LOVE my JOB!  xox

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