Today on Oprah 😉 was a show about living your dreams.
I had to take a break to watch, because one of my mentors,
Annie Leibovitz, was on the show.
Over the years many people have come up to me and compared me to her (I’m so flattered by this) or they say ..’that movie Almost Famous.. it’s like your life….’ Perhaps it because of our work for Rolling Stone Magazine, because we tour with bands and/or photograph celebrities… who knows – I would like to think that it’s because we both have STRONG photographic images . Weather it’s a celebrity, a wedding, a baby, a portrait or a rockstar… it’s all the same, the passion shines though us to make that photo talk.

Annie, I have always loved the person you are. Honest, humble, and never taking life or your career for granted. I try to live my life the same.
At 51, Annie decided to become a mom.
Sometimes when you have the best job in the world… you wake up one day and you forget about time..
Wow, a mom at 51! If she wasn’t a mentor before, she is now for sure!

Thank you for being such an inspiration and I can not wait to get your new book.