Just when I think I have the best job in the world PHOTOGRAPHING clients, my job gets better having my work find ME again. I just LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY as ART!!!!!

There is nothing more rewarding then seeing something I photographed, being enjoyed by others, and then that gift gets passed on – and I’m even MORE flattered when that gift finds me again.  It’s so touching.

Here’s a few recent examples… a Christmas card from one of my yearly families.. you may remember Kim from our MANY family photoshoots when she first had 1 (click here – wow! this was BEFORE I started my blog – I photographed Liam ) then two (click here) and now 3 (click here) and our final family shot (click here) turned into this LOVELY Xmas card I reproduced with our grafic team




our favorite Rocque-stars who were photographed  this summer (click here) we had a HUGE 24×36 canvas done (as did her sister) for their front hall and it looks GORGEOUS!


and a recent email containing shots for Liz’s bedroom below with a sweet note,

the family photos you took of us on Valentine’s Day in the park we LOVE! We such had a great session and loved them so much that we ended up framing four of the photos as a series in our bedroom. We have received so many compliments about the photos and we will treasure them a lifetime. You worked with both us and our dogs and was able to capture the essence of who we are. Thanks Angela for such great memories!


a stunning variety of Thank You cards with wedding photos from Nicole and Jason xx


as well as this lovely Thank you card from Liz & Toby



I LOVE my clients and LOVE that they see the beauty in photography as I do.  Thank you!  much much LOVE! xx