As many of you know and have been following me on Twitter and Facebook, you have seen I have been in Europe for a little over a month.  Many of you have asked to see some of my photos, but it’s been very difficult choosing just a few photos from the over 8,000 images I have shot, BUT I think I have FINALLY narrowed it down you a few hundred favorites from my travels.

Bonjour from Paris!  I thought since my parents use to live in Paris, and my sister was born here, chose here as an amazing start my European adventure. Paris is unbelievably beautiful! I have never experienced a city like this before.  The culture, the language, the atmosphere, Johnny Depp (ok I didn’t see him but …) Being in Paris changed this Vancouver photographer’s LIFE.   Part of me doesn’t think my photos can even begin to capture the feeling of these magnificent monuments, or the art and do it justice as to how they are in real life, but ill try. here are a few images I’d like to share.

I will start with my first day. I went to the Louvre. This museum is so BIG I could have spent 3 days here.  When I first arrived and saw it for the first time, it literally took my breath away. Knowing that this structure has been around since the late 12th century, blew my mind. It was one of the most amazing buildings I have ever seen in my life.


and the incredible art that I had only seen in books, there they were. Not a copy, but THE ORIGINAL – right in front of me!  WOW!







Crowns, gold, jewelry, paintings, sculptures and Mona herself!


I was just like a kid in a candy store with a grin from ear to ear… Have you been? What was your favorite part of the Louvre.  Feel free to comment below.


a demain! x