I really do have the best job in the world! YEP!


I’m so lucky and blessed to photograph not only Vancouver’s most amazing families, but yearly the Fitz’ family photos, how gorgeous are they!!! I mean really!

Little Maddy isn’t so little anymore, and I can’t believe how big Liam is! What cuties.



Year after year they getting more and more gorgeous! How does that happen?!!!

Here they are last year AND the year before and before that (I just went thru my archive for images but – oh that’s when I used something called film)! doh – we have known each other that long.

and it’s hard to believe Baby Bryn ever was a preemie.


here’s a few of my fav’s so far … GORGEOUS!





andddddddddd there goes Bryn 😉

Thanks Kim and Brett for taking me into your lives and for choosing me to document your family year after year!  I love you guys! xx

Blessed indeed!

for your family photos contact BEYONDBELLIES.com Thank you.