I have had lots of people emailing me as of late re: prices and my price list and not wanting to meet me in person or even view my portfolios.
Hmmm – I ask myself. Is it all about numbers?!  New photographers trying to gather prices lists?  So I thought I would post a blog as I don’t really have any secrets and love to share information.

For me, the dollar value of an image is about how much you value those images.  It’s also about the WHOLE package. ie: the personality between you and your photographer – do you get along? are you on the same page? Will they spend the time getting to know you and what you want? Every wedding is different, as are you – are you going to the same locations the photographer went the week before or are you special and have your own location?! Does this matter to you?

Instead of emailing me – let me share a few words here

Angela Hubbard – I am a visual artist with my own style and this is how, I feel, I separate myself from others. My background is photographing for RollingStone, and  just as I treat every musician and rock concert and artist differently – I treat every couple and their wedding uniquely.  BECAUSE YOU ARE!!!!

I respect the husband and wife teams out there because (sometimes) one of them is the artist & one is the business person and they have the best of both worlds in their team! 🙂  (or if are blessed – they can be both)

Me: I am not a big writer or numbers person, but I am me – a humble artist with passion who has been very blessed.  My photos speak as my words.  I have cut down my 40 or 50 weddings a year, to a very specific boutique photographer, and even further to a select few couples who also have the same values as me and to focus on their needs because they speak my language.  To me it’s not the number of weddings I shoot, it’s quality over quantity.

Taking the image is the easy part!  WE (my team) have top quality cameras and lenses (perhaps I will list in another post) because of our passion and our background (Rolling Stone for over 9 years, been in the wedding industry in Vancouver for over 15 years). We keep up with trends, go to conferences with world renowned top photographers educating ourselves, spending time with our clients and editing all the images day after day to give you about 1600 images from all angles, of your big day.  This includes assistants/photographers who shoot too so there are two of us – and we don’t miss a thing.  We make your wedding a storybook from beginning to end. A REAL storybook on how the day unfolded.

I do know – the right couples find the right photographer for them.  I always recommend that people meet 3-5 different wedding photographers because everyone photographs differently. Ask questions (ie – what kind of gear do they use – is it a point and shoot? or a top quality camera?) We do not pressure you to book us – as we feel comparing photographers is like apples and oranges.. find the one that suits you, meet them, and find out EXACTLY what you are getting.  DVD of all images you can print yourself?  Do they put them online and you have to buy one for $45.00?  What does the price include with the end result? What’s the photo resolution?  Do they photoshop the heck out of them or just tweak it to make it look nice??! What is the turn around time to getting the images? How long has your photographer been in business? How are they processed? (I know you may not know as much about photography as I do but these are important questions I would ask)

We don’t advertise much in magazines because we don’t need to. We are blessed by our clients coming on recommendation from past couples, and that’s the best testimonial I feel.  Not only that, but I am asked to return to photograph their expanding family (baby and dog) and the occasional holiday festivity.

If you care to get to know me more… here are 2 TV interviews before and after a wedding (Urban Rush’s Michael Eckford)  – to see what kind of person I am and what kind of work I do.

click here for interview #1 and here for interview #2.

Growing up in Ottawa, my lovely parents taught me great values. For example.. the customer is always right and customer service (which I try to do with my work), passion, kindness, following your dreams, and do unto others as you would like done to you, to name a few. I hold these values safe and true with my work.

You pay for what you get, and you should really ask yourself what your priority is for your wedding. Is it photos? food? the dress? ring?

Please remember that the photos are all you have to remember you day at the end of it… and that is why we make sure that your ‘investment’ with us is top notch.  WE care about every couple and make your day as unique as you are.  We spend time with you location scouting and getting to know you as people, instead of ‘just another wedding’. WE realize it’s an investment and we give you your money’s worth (and them some) 🙂

sent with love, angela