the emails to see more photos from the below post of Kevin and Candice have been OVERWHELMING the past 3 days… you asked for it – you got it.

I made a small slide show you can see here from Candice and Kevin’s portraits.
The snow did make the photos quite beautiful, it felt like Narnia!
I have the most amazing couples! I love you guys!!!! xoxoxo

(Jinessa, Candice, me, Nicole)

none of this would have been possible without the dream team and I would like to include them and give them credit too:
Flowers: Flower Factory
Hair and Makeup: the PRETTY BOUTIQUE
ensemble: Isabelle Dunlop
Video: Infinity Production
Bride and Groom: Candice + Kevin
Photo: moi
the gorgeous venue is Grouse Mountain: Thanks Melissa

like any good rock show, the gig is only as good as the production team!
thanks and love to all of you – I’m so blessed to know and work with such great people and great talent! xoxo