You may remember Meghan and Dave from their engagement session
(click here to view).
They had an absolutely gorgeous wedding in West Vancouver on Saturday.
Now, they are not to be confused with the OTHER Meghan and Dave who got married in West Vancouver on Saturday. Seems that there were 2 weddings, both in West Vancouver, both on Saturday – both Meghans to Daves and some of our guests got confused as to where to go as the ‘other’ Meghan and Dave had signs and balloons….

Meghan and Dave and or their friends and guests, if you are out there, and happen to stumble upon this blog… sorry for your unexpected party crashers and thanks to your brother at the door who was a great host welcoming all your unexpected guests 😉

Meet my Meghan and Dave, and a few snaps from their day…

I hope they had a great wedding, I know my couple did!

Happy honeymooning M+D (both of you!!) xo