I have had the most amazing vacation of my life in Cuba!  I can not believe that we picked the most absolute perfect time to go.  When I left Vancouver, it was hailing snow chunks and when we landed in Cuba, we had absolutely the most perfect, sunny, gorgeous weather… today, I came landed in Vancouver to amazing spring weather and now it’s about to hit rainy, monsoon, hurricane time in Cuba I’m told…  I can not believe how lucky I am sometimes.  This year I feel like I am on permanent vacation!!

What happens in Cuba… well, (I can’t really remember everything) but I think in there are a few hundred photos to show a few of the stories of this amazing holiday!  😉

I will share one fun story with you before I hit my overflowing email inbox, as I know some of mi amigos and amigas from the vacation are anxious to see it.


Una and Keven got married last year in Kelowna, had a ‘friend’ photograph it, and the photos were good, but not GREAT… how to solve this problem?!  and what was she going to do with the dress again?!

my suggestion….TRASH IT!!!!!!     How much fun is this?!!!!!







we had sooooo much fun and we laughed so much, I had to join in the fun too….


as did Layla.


way too much fun, in the sun!  more to come….

ciao ciao for now!