As 2008 slips away and we welcome a wonderful, powerful exciting 2009, Whiskey and I are reflecting the past year and checking in our last years resolutions..

January 1, 2008 I made a list (here) BUT before I commit to my 2009 list, let’s see how i did in 2008.

1. Education:  this year, I went to Image X in New Orleans and took classes with the lovely Jessica Claire and extrordinary Lena Hyde , Seattle to see Yervant and Joe Buissink and Vegas for WPPI – being around such wonderful photographers, was inspiring and took me to another level.

2. hmmmm, I’ll add this to the 2009 list and we’ll try this one again!  It’s a tough one.

3. Travel.  this year I found myself working (and playing!) in Panama, Cuba, Victoria, Seattle, Montreal, Fernie, Vegas, Whistler, Tofino, Pender Island, Salt Spring Island, Bowen Island, Los Angeles, New Orleans, Toronto and Ottawa.  Did I miss any?!  wow – i thought i had stopped jet-setting!

4. Expansion: WOW! what a wild trip this has been, I have blown myself away by taking a leap of faith, expanding my studios and my life back to my hometown of Ottawa. This studio is running with the help of a few photographers, the Hubbard Photography team explodes! and I’m happy to share this with my family.

5. I know I have stayed truthful to myself and my loyal clients.  This is why I have so many repeat customers. I am so lucky to have the most incredible people find me and trust my talents.

6. see #4 as well I have many challenges in the works that will flow over to 2009.

7.  again see #4.  a whole loyal team both in Vancouver and Ottawa.  I am blessed.

8. With the recession that hit us this year, especially in Vancouver, I have tried to educate my clients and create more custom packages for my clients, as well tossing in free engagement sessions for the love of love (here)

9. ya -no. 🙁

10.  in my opinion: the most incredible thing of 2008 was..

Bring on 2009 – I’m ready!!!!