A friend of mine is moving to the Philippines at the end of the year to continue her work with Gentle Hands.


Located in Manila, Philippines, Gentle Hands is a welfare agency that help at-risk children and youth with their medical, social and educational needs.

Caring for children all in various stages of rehabilitation from abuse, neglect and / or poverty, it is the only center in the Philippines that will take children with physical disabilities and the only registered facility that will take undocumented children.


Tracey is an amazing friend that always goes above and beyond. Being a photographer in the wedding industry, she was able to organize photographers and other creatives to help her raise funds to begin the building expansion project of Gentle Hands.

The expansion will house many more children, have classrooms and nursery space, along with administrative rooms for the increasing size of the orphanage.


Only 5 more days to preview the fine art auction pieces, so take a look. Bid on your favourites.
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