You may have seen my  friend/bride/mortgage broker, Nicole on my blog before – (you may recognize her from her wedding here) Well, she has started a “day of ” wedding co-ordination business!

This is FANTASTIC!!!! Not only is she the perfect person for this job, because she has been through her own wedding (and also hired a day of) , but she attends more weddings (as a guest) then i think I do in a summer!!!!!

Having a ‘day of’ for your wedding is a MUST HAVE in my opinion.  Just someone there to have the day run smoothly, move the flowers from one location to another, tell you when to walk down the aisle and to SMILE when doing it!  the little details and the most important!

Please visit her website at DOWN THE  – it’s currently under construction but yet worth visiting anyhow!  This girl is brilliant, creative, fun -but i know you can see that for yourself.

(P.S. She’s also a mortgage broker – so after you get married, and are looking for your first house…and you want her to become your BFF as she did mine – have her be your mortgage broker –  this is one stop shopping!!!)