When my one of my best friends from high school, called me up saying she was coming to town, with her family and would like some portraits done – I was soooo excited.

I haven’t seen Wendy for about 8 years! I was giddy to hear her voice, and couldn’t wait to see her and her family in person. (now I know how the Spice Girls must have felt being united again! hee hee!)

a beautiful snow filled crisp day had me cruising to Chiliwack, BC.
Now, I also haven’t been to Chiliwack for about 13 years since Wendy last lived there. Ironically, she is the reason I came out to BC in the first place.
After high school, she left Ottawa, moved West and got married. Heartbroken from her departure, I came to visit her. When I got here, I took one look at the mountains, I knew this was where I would call HOME for a while now too.

I returned to Ottawa, packed up my car, and drove West. It was wonderful being close to her again. A few years later, she informed me that she was moving to Alberta, but I just could not keep up with this jet setter 🙂

How gorgeous is this family?!

Wendy use to model for me 22 years ago when I first found my passion for photography
the apple doesn’t fall from from the tree – her beautiful 16 year old daughter, Leigh is her mirror image

Piper the wonder dog (and Whiskey’s new best friend)
the handsome Pete
my second set of parents.

thanks for such a wonderful reunion, and dinner. You really made this Christmas a very special one for me. My family – Friendship never ends!

after 22 years everything, yet nothing changes.
love you xxo angie!